Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whilst perusing the blog of former Fisher House board member Carol Blyberg, we came across this photo of a charming Christmas ornament depicting the Fisher House that her daughter Janet, designed and needlepointed for her.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Days of His Life--Excerpts from Journals and Other Records #3

Friendly Visitor
October 2009

This is a continuation from last month’s Friendly Visitor of excepts from Rev. Jonathan Fisher’s journal of December 1798

17 worked at laying a hearth in my arch under my chimney and fitted the arch for ashes. PM went to Col. Parker’s. The Col. and wife and Mr. Johnson and wife made us a visit.
18 AM went to see Capt. Horton sick with a fever. PM worked in my arch. Also fitted a satchel for one of my creatures. Fitted a ring to my oven lid.
19 spent all the forenoon endeavoring without success to straighten my fine saw. PM Made a pattern for painting ovals. Made preparations for numbering meeting house pew-doors. Mr. Peters and wife made us a visit.
20 Finished fitting my arch for ashes. Mr. Steel, a candidate from Connecticut for Machias, called on us; dined and took lodging with us.—Wrote in church records.
21 Studied and wrote upon a sermon. Made slow progress.
22 Wrote upon a sermon
23 Lord’s Day. Preached at Bluehill. Read in Newton’s church history.
24 Made a miter box and worked upon some box wood stamps.
25 Worked still upon stamps.
26 AM worked upon stamps and wooden types. PM Went with Mr. Anderson and Mr. Doulas by water to Trenton, Oak Point. Lodged at Mr. Anderson’s Mr. Hewins worked for me.
27 Went to Capt. Haynes’s and married Capt. Ephraim Haynes to Miss Polly Hopkins; for which I received D.3 Returned to Mr. Anderson’s and spent the night.
28 in the forenoon left Mr. Anderson’s in a vessel and came into Union River Bay. Mr. Barnes and Capt. Haynes then conveyed me in a boat to Elisha Dodge’s point and set me ashore. Came to Mr. Kimball’s and took supper, from Mr. Kimball’s came by water to Mr. Peters’. Came thence to Mr. I. Osgood’s and bargained for ¼ beef at 23/per cwt to be paid next July, the beef to be delivered at my house. Also for 130 picked bricks and 130 soft brinks to be delivered at my house the whole for 7/6. reached at the close of the evening home.
29 Wrote sermons
30 Lord’s Day unable to preach by reason of the sick head ache with which I was all day exercised. I woke early in the morning exercised with a severe headache, attended with a confusion of ideas. The pain in my head continued with but small intermission all day, with sickness at the stomach, and sometimes vomiting. The chastisement was painful, but I hope salutary; from my heart I say, Lord, I have deserved this and more also; I know my afflictions are much less than my iniquities. This visitation awakens me at present to think of some of my neglects; gracious God , grant for thy mercy’s sake in Christ Jesus, that this chastisement may prove a real blessing to me; that it my engage me more actively and diligently in thy service.
31 Worked at writing church records; PM made some ointment; evening worked upon stamps.